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Planning for a More Resilient Macoah

Our coastline is very vulnerable to the impacts of sea level rise and coastal storm surges. We are also in a high-risk seismic zone that is vulnerable to coastal flooding in the event of a tsunami.

Based on current guidance and projections we can expect to see at least 50 cm of sea level rise over the next 30 years and 1 metre or more over the next 80 years. Over the longer term 2 metres of sea level rise is “locked in” even if the whole world stopped emitting carbon dioxide tomorrow.  

Recognizing these risks, Toquaht Nation is exploring accommodating future growth and community development outside of the coastal hazard area over the longer term. The map shows the area we are exploring for future long-term village development. Our new government building will also be constructed outside of the coastal hazard area.


Accommodating new development out of the coastal hazard zone is something that Huu-ay-aht First Nations has already started to do. The Quinault Indian Nation in Washington State has also started to develop a new village. 

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