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What's going on?

We are updating our 2016 Official Community Plan (OCP). Why?

  • Our community is growing

  • The climate and economy are changing

  • We have plans for community facilities, housing, and infrastructure

  • New lands have been acquired.

The Draft 2023 OCP outlines which areas of Toquaht Lands can be used for what purposes and establishes basic development guidelines for them.

What's an OCP?

An OCP includes policies and maps that guides how we steward, develop, and manage Toquaht Treaty Settlement Lands. It considers many things related to our lands: culture, housing, economic development, infrastructure, climate change issues like sea level rise, etc.

Our OCP has three main policy sections:


  • Land Designations describe what kinds of land uses are supported in different areas of our lands. There are five designations:

    • Protected

    • Home Lands

    • Working Lands

    • Foreshore and Marine

    • Stewardship


Each designation is based on current land uses, physical attributes and constraints, and Toquaht community input (Citizens, staff, leadership). They were also informed by our 2016 Official Community Plan that this OCP replaces.


  • Development Guidelines outline basic best practices to minimize any impacts associated with land use and development (e.g., damage to environmentally sensitive areas, protection of cultural resources) and mitigate existing hazards (e.g., coastal flooding and sea level rise, wildfire). Our updated OCP has four kinds of guidelines:

    • Environmental Protection

    • Cultural Protection

    • Hazards (Coastal, Steep Slopes, Wildfire)

    • Residential and Commercial Development.


  • A Procedures section outlines a high-level process for reviewing development proposals that is coordinated with the procedures outlined in the Building and Development Authorization Act TNS 2/2013. This section also provides information on reviewing and updating our OCP.

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Where does it apply?

Our OCP is for Toquaht Lands. We have also included guidance for developments outside of our Lands that are within Toquaht Traditional Territory. 


Want to learn more?

Project updates and opportunities to get involved will be posted on this page, so please check back often. We will also be sharing updates through newsletters and Facebook posts.

For more information, please feel free to contact:


Manager of Lands and Resources

Toquaht Nation

250-726-4230 ext. 261


Any other feedback for us?

Take our OCP survey here:

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